I Did This in the Dark turned 3 today!


Spongebob - I Don’t Like


Wtf dude

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WARNING: A Skeleton has gained access to the computer.
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Phew! Here it is folks, cobbled together from two weeks worth of free time. I don’t really know what to say, so I’ll just hope it’s as fun to read and look thru as it was to make.


by paul reinwandme


Aww, it’s so cute.


Legend of Zelda fan art via Pinterest

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cheating, but ‘ight

  1. I have mad rock hunting skills - I found a fossil this month~
  2. Cats like me so that means I’m great
  3. I have awesome friends
  4. I look super cute with purple hair (I shall have it dyed that way again hopefully)
  5. People love the cookies I bake
i hope you have a good day, cool kid <3


(I have no idea how old this is, I’m sorry. »”)

I was sad and saw your blog and go so happy bc 1) foxes are one of my top favorite animals! 2) my boyfriend calls me a fox as well as my friends (I don't know why)


Oh great, Miss… um… vixen?
I´m really happy you´re happy now *smiles*